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Gauges for Project 707

707's gauge cluster.

Flyin’ Miata fans will recognize the name “Project 707.” It’s the car that Keith built for his buddy Eric with lots of Porsche inspired details. It’s a great project. I was a faithful reader when it was being built.

Like all good projects, it was never really finished.


Keychain Destructive Testing

Well... there's your problem.

I put some of my new keychains through hell. This is how they held up.


revlimiter Keychains

A Dino-load of keychains.

Here’s something about a year in the making – keychains!!!


Transform and Roll Out

Team Decepticon

A set of Transformers-themed gauges that I got to make for a customer. If you like bots, check this one out.


2014 Calendars Are Out!

2014 Calendars - two to choose from.

Another year, another pair of calendars! The 2013 calendars were so successful, I decided to make them for 2014 as well. I got some great submissions and am looking forward to hanging these on my wall.


The Updated Door Panel Project

The old door panels.

My old quilted vinyl door panels were starting to look rather cheap to me. Meanwhile, I had about 1/3 of a hide of leather sitting in my parts shed. A plan formed…


Robot Cut

The Robots.

I’ve been asked a few times “What does robot cut mean?” in reference to my gauges. And, for the first time, I’m lifting the curtain and showing how it’s done.


Retro Hazard Switches

My retro window switch needed a buddy.

Sharka gets a new part, my store gets a new product, and I get an incredible sense of satisfaction. Retro Hazard Switches! They’re the new thing. Come check out the pix. You might gloss over the bad writing.


Retro Window Switches Forever

One Retro Window Switch - no OEM parts.

This blog post has been 6 months in the making. That’s how long I’ve been working on removing OEM parts from my Retro window switches. And finally, I’m there!

By OEM parts, I mean the stock window switch. I used to hack them up and add the metal plate and industrial switches. It was a fine thing to do, but I was slowed by not being Mazda. I didn’t have an unlimited supply of switches to hack apart. I had to wait for folks to mail me back their cores so I could make more switches. Sometimes it was a long wait.


Warbird in Technicolor


Custom color Warbird gauges. Years ago, I would have said this wasn’t possible. Now? No harder than any other gauge order.


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