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revlimiter Horn Buttons

And on Nardi.

New product alert! I can now make custom steering wheel horn buttons. They’re in the store for ordering right now.


Sharka’s Gauge Cups

Fits all 52mm gauges.

Another Sharka product! Gauge cups to mount in the flat/crash pad Miata dashboard.


Sharka Poke’Miata!

Sharka Poke'Miata!!!

New cartoon art with Sharka on it!!! I choose you Pika-Shark.


The Fallen

I finished my last blog post about gauges and typed something like “it’s time Sharka got his own set of custom gauges…” Not a half hour later, I started working on these. I call this one “The Fallen.” Some inspiration struck to do a gauge set with a branch of cherry blossoms (sakura) on the […]


NB Retro Window Switches

Love this.

This is a blog post that’s over 3 years in the making. NB Retro Window Switches!!!! When I opened my store in the middle of 2011, I had two products – gauges and NA window switches. That was it, but life was good. Requests for the NB version of the Retro Window Switch poured in. […]


All the Custom Gauges

Starships at night

For about the last year, I’ve been reading comic books. A lot of comic books. I’ve read several thousand in the past 14 months. It’s what I do in the evenings instead of TV. Comics, comics, comics. I’ve read every Transformer comic several times. The whole run of Transmetropolitan was devoured over Christmas. Captain Marvel, […]


The 2015 Calendar is HERE!

The Ones who knock.

It’s calendar time again! The 2015 Calendar is out. Walt and Jesse demanded to help me tease it for ya. This year there were 64 entries to the calendar contest. That blew me away. I solicited four of the major boards for photos, but didn’t expect the deluge at the end. I went from […]


Retro HVAC Plate & Trim Ring


I’m very proud to present my latest interior accessory: the Retro HVAC Plate. This is one I’ve been asked to do many times. Also, the trim ring is my very first machined part. I’m pretty excited. These parts are, obviously, inspired directly by the AWD HVAC panel. It’s a piece I’ve had in my collection […]


The Japanese Phillips: JIS Screwdrivers

Ready to ship

There are tiny differences between Japanese Industrial Standard drivers and Phillips drivers. A must-read for fellow fastener geeks.


S2000 Badges

Helicopter shot

One of Sharka’s 4-wheeled buddies gets a pair of custom vintage Honda badges.


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