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70s Prototype

Sharka's Prototipo.

Another steering wheel for my collection. It’s an addiction.


Momo Master Restoration

An old Momo Master, back at home.

It’s nice when you’re able to press your horn button and have noise come out. My Momo Master recently stopped doing that. I resorted to some exploratory surgery to make things work again.


Sharka Star Shark Star Specs (say that 10 times fast)

Star Shark on the scale.

Sharka Star Shark Star Specs! Sharka Star Shark Star Specs! Sharka Star Shark Star Specs! Sharka Star Shark Star Specs! okay… I’m starting to get cross-eyed typing that. Shoulda copied and pasted…


Luminous Dark Alleys

Filmed in Technicolor

I woke up around 5am ready to go. No alarm clock. No trace of sleepiness remained. Nothing but a plan in my head. That plan involved driving around the downtown alleys and taking pics of my new Star Sharks.


Star Sharka

What could these be?

There’s a Sharka wearing Star Sharks at the end of this post.


The Next Stage

The stuff dreams are made of.

A short preview post. Fans of old Japanese wheels will understand.


That 70s Wheel

70s-vintage Momo in its case

This is a blog post I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. For years. Hell, since before I had a blog.

This one is about the first Momo wheel in my collection.


M2-1001 Steering Wheel

The M2-1001 / Momo steering wheel

854 words on my newest steering wheel! It’s rare. It came from Japan. Fans of the M2-1001 Cafe Roadster might enjoy this post a whole lot.


Arts and Crafts

Steering wheels as art.

I acquired a new steering wheel for my collection the other week. But this post is not about that. I’ll have a post dedicated to that beauty soon. This post is about the wild idea I had when trying to figure out storage for my steering wheel collection.

See, I’d been using a shelf in the garage. The wheels were all protected in their original Momo and Nardi boxes, but they were still out in the garage. Not the best place for such beautiful objects. And definitely not where I wanted to store my new M2 steering wheel. It is such a piece of art.

And that’s when the idea hit me. Art. It deserves to hang on the wall.


Enkei RP-F1 14×7+19 aka THE Wheels

This blog post has been a long time coming. A long time. As long as I’ve been rebuilding my car since The Bonk. See, after I decided to rebuild Sharka, I started looking around for a new set of wheels. That was last November. I found these unique RP-F1s in June. I paid for them around the beginning of July. And now they are MINE.


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