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Seeing Red

Version GT-40 in red

I don’t often get the opportunity to make colored gauge faces. I made some dark blue ones for a gentleman a couple months ago, but didn’t take any photos. When the order came in for these red gauges, I thought I’d take the opportunity to shoot them and blog about it before I packed them up and shipped them off.


The Sharka Interior, 2012 (dash install pt2)

Sharka's interior. It's not subtle.

Continuing from my last post, here’s the full, finished interior. It’s all photos. Tons of photos. Maybe too many photos… but I couldn’t help it.


40″ Height No Longer A Requirement

Version GT-40 for the NB

Yes, more gauges. Lots of posts about them recently. I’ve just been making so many! They’re always on my mind. My latest set? Version GT-40. And as you might have guessed from the name, they’re inspired by the 40″ tall Le Mans-winning sports car. But spending six figures or more to sit behind them is […]


1 O’clock – It’s Time to Rock

What lurks in the shadows?

Yeah, I know. It’s 8:05, not 1. But after you see the next few pix, you might agree that 1 o’clock rocks pretty hard too.


It Wasn’t Easy (a complete interior set)

Custom NA Miata gauge set

The past few weeks of my life have been consumed by a single order. A big one. A customer asked for a complete interior design. This would tie together the OEM gauges, the HVAC cluster, and his AEM analog gauges.


Speedometer Recalibration Anyone?

Custom gauge set... that reads up to 180?

I make a lot of gauges. A lot. And I’m extremely pleased to get to do it. I making this stuff and helping folks enjoy their Roadsters even just a little bit more.

And sometimes I’m amazed at the projects people come up with and ask me to work on.


Full Circle

Gauge Evolution

I revisit a gauge design from 2004 and Bucky gets a new set of gauges, just in time for Christmas!


Project Lazarus Gets Gauges

Project Lazarus

In this post, I get to help out with a community race car build happening in Oregon. From the comfort of my own office!


New Gauge Face How-To

My uber gauge install DIY

Just a quick blog post to point you to the thing that has taken up most of my Saturday – the NA Miata Gauge Face Install.


2011 Gauges – Version Rossa

What's this?

In between gauge face commissions, I’ve been working on a new set for myself. Sharka has been wearing his old gauges (called “Revolution”) since around April of last year. I’ve been feeling a little tired of them and craving something a little more vintage looking. Something flashy and yet minimalist. Something that really complemented my KG Works gauge cluster.

To borrow a line from Jeremy Clarkson: And here it is.


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