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My Little Miata: Gauges Are Magic

Pony gauges. Yes, really.

Within this post, there be pony. My Little Pony, in fact. Those not man enough to enjoy some pastel gauges should spend their mouse clicks elsewhere.


Miata Oil Gauge – Real vs Fake

ONE of these is the gauge you're looking for.

Here’s a quick post showing the differences between the two NA Miata oil gauges. As you may know, the 89-94 cars got working oil gauges that actually report oil pressure. The 95-97s got dummy gauges that only show “some” pressure when the sensor reads anything above 7 psi. This is not new information, but I […]


Gauges for Project 707

707's gauge cluster.

Flyin’ Miata fans will recognize the name “Project 707.” It’s the car that Keith built for his buddy Eric with lots of Porsche inspired details. It’s a great project. I was a faithful reader when it was being built.

Like all good projects, it was never really finished.


Transform and Roll Out

Team Decepticon

A set of Transformers-themed gauges that I got to make for a customer. If you like bots, check this one out.


Behind Bars

It's 9 o'clock somewhere...

6 months have passed. Must be time for Sharka to wear another set of gauges!


Warbird in Technicolor


Custom color Warbird gauges. Years ago, I would have said this wasn’t possible. Now? No harder than any other gauge order.



Spring has sprung.

Spring!!! It’s a special time for all Miata owners. The time when cars come out of hibernation. The time when snow tires can come off and tops can go down. The time when cameras come out to snap trite, heavy-handed spring imagery like you see above.

I just couldn’t help myself. It was my first top down drive in months.


How to Paint Gauge Needles

Ultimate car detailing!

I receive this same question quite often, “How do I get red needles for my gauges?” And about a paragraph of text explains the process quite well. It’s really not very hard. But after typing out the same thing for the 50th time, I decided I could do better. So here ya go! How to paint gauge needles.


It IS Easy Being Green!

GT-40s in dark sea-foam.

I received a couple of orders for green gauges within a few days of each other. Kind of a strange coincidence. I get an order for green maybe once a year. Two at once? I had to take the opportunity to install each set in test clusters for some photos.



What's hiding in the shadows?

Sharka has yet another different set of gauges installed. I call this set Version Warbird.


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