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How to Eliminate Miata Gas Fumes (I hope…)

Thermo-Tec 3' exhaust heat shield.

Got a smelly trunk? How about a lot of excess pressure in your gas tank? This post might be just the thing to fix you up. Maybe. I hope.


Dentist Recommended

Yellow letters aren't nearly as cool as white ones.

Do you see that tire? The letters are really that yellow. The bottle is white. The letters are not. Something had to be done.


Batteries Not Included

Nothing tops the Coppertop

Strangeness hit the revlimiter garage (also known as Wolf Motorsports Development) recently. Every Roadster I own decided they needed new batteries. Now, that is only two Roadsters, but still…


All About Head Studs

Chasing the threads.

The last in my series of technical posts dealing with changing out the head gasket. Everything you ever wanted to know about ARP head studs. It’s pretty awesome.


Hey buddy, got the time(ing)?

Notice how the front lobes are sorta pointing at each other? That's bad.

So, there I was. Standing in my garage, tired and hot. But I had my keys in hand for the first time in a while and was ready to start Sharka’s engine with the new head gasket, new coolant re-route, and ported head. I pressurized the fuel rail and checked for leaks…


Tool Review: Spill-Free Funnel

Spill-free insert and radiator "cap."

Got bubbles in your coolant system? You need this. This awesomely-huge funnel is designed to help you burp your radiator without fluid overflowing everywhere.


Drilling For Oil

Step 1: Locate your oil pan.

A detailed, step-by-step of putting a big hole in your Miata’s drain pan. And then tapping that hole for a drain line. Because even turbos need to potty.


NB Miata timing belt change

Bucky, our 2001 MX-5, gets the spotlight in this post. It was timing belt time and the interweb was not exactly forthcoming in great NB2 timing belt info, so this is my attempt to fill that hole.


Moderately Slammed

A really smart guy named Dan who posts on ClubRoadster came up with this really cool upper shock mount (known in the biz as a tophat) that lets you slam the hell out of a Miata while retaining full suspension travel. I’ve lusted after them for months. I finally bought and installed a set. As you can see above, it went well. Read on for the full install.


Suspension Install! Sorta

Yes, I say “sorta.” Because I didn’t take many photos. Because I punched myself in the face with a crowbar. . . . . . So there I was, all done with the front suspension and the front chin spoiler install, when it was time to turn my attention to the rear. I had my […]


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