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Dead NB Speedometer Fix

Securely in the air. I love these huge tripod stands.

Driving along and the speedometer in your NB suddenly reads flat? It happened to me. The fix is a $200 sensor. Or you could save the $200 and spend 5 minutes soldering instead…


40″ Height No Longer A Requirement

Version GT-40 for the NB

Yes, more gauges. Lots of posts about them recently. I’ve just been making so many! They’re always on my mind. My latest set? Version GT-40. And as you might have guessed from the name, they’re inspired by the 40″ tall Le Mans-winning sports car. But spending six figures or more to sit behind them is […]


After 9 years, I proudly present… Bucky!

Bucky - fresh from the dealer in 2003

Ever wonder what I drive when Sharka is parked on jack stands? Or it’s raining? Or slightly too warm/cold?


Batteries Not Included

Nothing tops the Coppertop

Strangeness hit the revlimiter garage (also known as Wolf Motorsports Development) recently. Every Roadster I own decided they needed new batteries. Now, that is only two Roadsters, but still…


Start Buttons for Everyone! Er… well… for Bucky

Bye bye airbag control, hello start button!

Yup, that’s an NB airbag control. Sharka is taking the week off from my blog. Today, Bucky gets the spotlight. And an S2000 start button!


Full Circle

Gauge Evolution

I revisit a gauge design from 2004 and Bucky gets a new set of gauges, just in time for Christmas!


NB Gauge Face How-To

The uber UBER NB gauge install how-to.

After I posted my NA gauge face install, I got a few requests for an NB version. And I wanted to do one of these anyway before I started selling NB gauges in my store.


I proudly present the NB Miata Gauge Face Install


Robbins Cloth Top Install

Bucky's old torn and weathered soft top.

Anyone who’s ever owned a car without a metal roof has thought about this topic. What do you do when the old soft top is done and in need of swapping out? Go to full time hardtop or buy a new piece of material to keep the rain off your head? Since I already have one hardtop Roadster, I decided to invest in some new cloth for my 2001 Miata and tackle one of the few maintenance tasks left that I’ve never done.


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