Street Fighter

Sharka's 12th set of gauges.

Sharka’s 12th set of gauges.

Yeah, if I’ve added correctly and not forgotten any designs, this is #12.

What? It had been like 5 or 6 months! Sharka was due for more gauges.



This is my latest design – Version Fighter. It’s one that I’ve had on the back burner for over a year. I wanted to do a WWII fighter inspired design, but have it be unique and not actually a straight lift from a fighter plane cockpit. That’s kind of a tall order.

At least it is for me

After coming back to this design over and over, I feel like all of the jagged edges are finally gone and I can post it for sale.

Also, having run 6:00 zero gauges for the past… forever? Switching to this 5:00/7:00 design feels a bit odd. But it works really well. Having the redline at noon really makes these gauges feel racy. The name “Fighter” fits them.

R for Reserve.

R for Reserve.

I'm pretty proud of the redline.

I’m pretty proud of the redline.

The R on the fuel gauge stands for “Reserve.” At least, that’s what it stands for on these. They’re an homage to the various vintage Porsche models that featured an R on their fuel gauge. My research indicates it stood for reserve, though the cars actually had a Reserve Tank installed.

What Miata is actually empty when the needle points at the E? I always have around 2 gallons left it seems.

Anyways, the R and the redline on the coolant temp gauge are two of my favorite features. They’re simple, small details, but that’s the kind of thing I like.

Ready to rev.

Ready to rev.

Also, I have to mention the anti-reflective glass. It’s seriously a huge step up from the bare glass I used to have in this cluster. Well worth the months of effort I put into that project.

What's next?

What’s next?

I’ve been working on another new product to unveil. I’ve gotta build up some stock first, but it should be out within the next few weeks. No clues, I’m afraid. I don’t wanna spoil it.

Until then, I’ll just be enjoying Sharka’s fresh new gauges.

Oh yeah! You can buy them! They’re for sale in the store. I should have mentioned that earlier… too excited to share the pix I guess.

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  • Nick says:

    aw, cmon! I hate waiting for surprises. You shouldn’t have said anything! 😛

  • Stoly says:


  • Cxmoney says:

    No clues, eh?

    Righttttt…. 😉

  • Brad says:

    Heh, I came into this post thinking I was gonna see some hadouken action going on. It fits the style of many of the setups you’ve done so far, on the comical side of things. =P

    These look nice. Correct me if I’m wrong, but are they covered gauges? As in, there isn’t a panel that covers ALL the gauges, only panels that cover the individual gauges? If so, I really like the look, quite classy.

    Also, the final pic was captioned with “what’s next?” Not that I need to feed your addiction, but it seems to me that your turn signal and wiper stalks are as Mazda delivered them… Not that it’s a bad thing or a bad design originally, but for a car that I don’t see any other OE parts in the interior? They almost look out of place, but only if you look.

    • GT-Alex says:

      What if it’s the next product ? 😛

      Could be also the horn buttons, but it has been talked about on forums, so must be something else IMO… Argh ! I need to save up more !

  • Chris B says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever stray away from 5:00-7:00 gauges. I LOVE the 12:00 redline.

  • Rudy says:

    Damn, now I can’t make up my mind between these and the Warbirds!

    Great work!

  • Todd says:

    I’ve been obsessing over your gauges for sometime now, trying to find ones that best fit my mariner. I was looking at the zen but this looks even better, im about to check if you have a matching hvac to this id like to keep them paired. Also i’ve been reading your blog but i dont see info on that shift boot, i just read your project g and thought that was current. as alway slooks great

    • revlimiter says:

      Hmm. Two mentions of a Fighter HVAC…

      As for the shift boot, it’s a Cobra Replica part. It works with my Cobra trim ring and extended shifter from MiataRoadster

  • Nick says:

    I love the Street Fighter look. Which HVAC Panel look most closely compliments?

    • revlimiter says:

      Hmmm. I’m using a GT40 panel right now. The text is a pretty good match, but the numbers on the fan control could be a better match. The Warbird would be a pretty decent match since they use the same font.

      If there’s an order, I’ll make a Fighter HVAC panel. Most custom panels like that only require a half hour of work. The HVAC is a very simple panel.

  • I would like to order both the Street Fighter and the HVAC panel to match. Do I just send you that as a paid order or is there a different process for something you will need to create?

  • FRANK CARR says:

    Adam- I just finished installing my fighter gauge faces about 10 minutes ago. I can’t even describe the wonderful change to my dash. I can’t even imagine how you design and manufacture all the different faces. Your kit came complete with everything I needed. I was a little confused about the led lights. The directions said I should have 4 large and 1 small leds. I received 5 large. I proceeded to install anyway. Because I am kind of lazy and innovative, I made a change to the installation, and it worked. I wanted to keep the low fuel indicator in it’s current location and figure a way to have a high beam indicator. What I did was (don’t get mad at me) drilled a hole(1/8 inch) in the tach face between the 6 and 7. I then glued a red bulb sleeve over the high beam bulb. A little touch up on the rim of the hole with a Sharpie and it was done. I now have a small red dot illuminated with the high beam switch. I also modified the procedure for the fuel needle installation. Since it is rather fuzzy where the needle should go at the full and empty position, I figured the most accurate way was to start the install when my tank was half full. Enough said, your product is great, you really care about your customers and your business integrity. It was my fortune to find you on the internet and I will gladly recommend you to my friends. Thanks again,

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