Two Car Garage



“Hey Sharka, you’re on my side. Scoot over.”

“WOW!!! Look at this floor!!! Driver really went nuts while I was gone, huh? And a Mazda flag? And the tire rack is all sorted and clean!!! Is that a new air hose?”

“I said you’re on MY side. Why are you on my side?”

“It’s good to see you too, Bucky. So… is there a sheen of cleanliness on everything? Am I imagining that? Did they paint my eyes glossy? You know, when they painted me?”

“I had the whole garage to myself. It was so quiet and peaceful. No one was around to take MY SIDE.”

“DID YOU SEE MY STRIPE?! It’s painted on, you know. Check out that pearl!!!!”

“All I want is my side of the garage back. I don’t see why you had to take it.”

“Blame Driver! He put me here when we came home. He also sent me off to get paaaaaaaaited.”

*sob sob sob* “I know you got painted!!! I- I missed you every day, dammit! Why are you being mean?!”

“Aww. I’m sorry, Buck. I’m just too excited to be home and see the car hole get all swanky. No hard feelings? I missed you too.”

*sniff* “I guess. I just… want my side back.”

“Me too, Bucky. Me too.”

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  • Brad says:

    Your cars talk to you too huh? I swear when I’m away from the garage, they conspire to fake injuries so that I’ll “fix” them. And by “fix” I tend to mean “upgrade.”

    It’s a nasty habit of theirs.

    • revlimiter says:

      There are times I actually HEAR the cars talking. I don’t just imagine it in my head, I actually hear someone say something in the garage as I’m closing the door.

      But I don’t tell the doctor that. No.

  • Ying Bot says:

    AHHHH happy endings. 🙂

    I need to see that stripe pearl!

  • Zip says:

    Great paint blog (= .

    When does Bucky get paint? (ducking)

    • revlimiter says:

      I joked about that with Ken, the shop owner. He gave me a very worried look. He REALLY does not like painting stripes. lol

      Bucky’s paint is pretty good and the body is much less wavy than Sharka was.

  • Speedypenguin says:

    Yeah, when does Bucky get his turn to be painted? And a D-Technique front end right? RIGHT?!?! Haha.

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