One Car Garage

The Car Hole.

The Car Hole.

Dear Sharka,

You should see what Driver has been doing since you left. He’s gone absolutely insane. I’d be more worried, but I’ve been getting so pampered that I’m gonna try to ignore it.

But seriously. Batshit insane.

First, look at me. That’s some clean paint! I even got polished. I can’t remember the last polish job. Little Driver helped too. She got my wheels so clean. Remember when they were your wheels?

Then Driver cleaned the garage. CLEAN. Every shelf. Every corner. He washed the floor for poop sake! Washed. The. FLOOR.

Look at our tire rack. It’s clean and organized and bolted to the wall! You can’t see the workbench or spares corner, but that’s all clean too. He took like eight garbage bags out of here.

Today he changed the oil in the air compressor.

Driver is going crazy. It’s good that you’re on vacation. Save yourself. You don’t wanna be here.

Hope summer camp is fun! Miss you big brother!


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  • Nick says:

    What do you mean he can’t remember the last polish job? I sense favouritism. NBs need love too.

  • Stoly says:

    Trade me lives. Seriously.

    Cash on my end?

  • Zip says:


  • Andrew says:

    oh that´s so sweet…I remember when I first came to your blog, about 3years ago and was looking for your first door cards project….I was like “wow” that´s what I wanted to do to my miata when I will have it one day…now I have it for nearly one year and now I fully understand the love to the car…you dont need that much to forget every single worry you have…just go out with your little roadster topless, enjoying the sunset and yeah…it´s all about that… Now I got it and Thank you for inspiring me to buy this little car. Now I can give it a love it deserves 🙂

    • revlimiter says:

      Yay!!! I’ve infected another one. 🙂

      There’s no email or note that gives me greater joy than to hear someone bought a Miata because of my site or car. Getting to share this sort of joy with folks I don’t know? Priceless.

      Thanks for the reply!!! And enjoy your Roadster.

  • Ying Bot says:

    HAHAHA. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that makes up conversations between my cars.

    This post made me laugh quite hard.

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