Sharka Poke’Miata!



Meg at Meg Dog Cartoons has been doing some awesome stuff. She’s been drawing these different colored Miatas with matching Pokemon inside for a few months. When I first came across these on instagram I bought a bunch to send out with orders. And, well, for myself. They’re just too cute to not collect.

Then she started doing custom orders! You know what was coming.

Sharka Poke'Miata!!!

Sharka Poke’Miata!!!

Sharka was Meg’s first custom Poke’Miata. It took a little bit, but the wait was BEYOND worth it. I mean look. A car full of Pokemon, a shark driving, stripes, montego, and SO MUCH AWESOME!!!! I’m over the moon.

These are going out randomly with orders. I should have enough stock to send them for a few months.

Thanks again Meg!!!

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  • Zip says:

    Great. Now I need to find *something* that I do not yet have and order it =)

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