I'm thankful.

I’m thankful.

Here in the US, it’s that time of year. Time for turkey, family, friends, the occassional retail purchases, time off work, and time for a bit of reflection on life. There’s no particular order in the above list, nor requirement for all of us to have a helping of each. But hopefully everyone gets the opportunity to have a taste of every category that they’d like to sample.

For me, I’m feeling thankful. I’m thankful for everyone; for the friends my tiny car has helped me make, for the customers I’ve been able to share my revlimiter-brand car goodies with, and for those who make car goodies who have helped Sharka become what he is today. Very very thankful.

See, I had a small Sharka drive this morning. Nothing big. Just zooming along some deserted back roads at perfectly legal speeds. I snapped a couple pix. I listened to music. I boosted and smiled. It was nothing special, but it sure was nice. It put me in a reflective and thankful mood.

Not to skip my thanks for my family, life, and health. Those are by far the top of the list. But this is Sharka’s blog. It seemed the place to give thanks for car-related things.

So, to everyone out there in the Miata community: I’m thankful for you. Happy Holidays.

Adam & Sharka

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  • OJ says:

    Thank you for making fantastic products, making valuable blog posts and taking pictures I’d like to have on my wall!

    I hope you’ll be continuing making your unique products for a long time. If you ever figure out it’s time to quit, hit me up so I can stock up on different gauges & switches! :-]

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