November Plastic 52 Updates

Autobots: deploy!

I’ve not updated my blog with Plastic 52 shots as I’ve been posting them to my flickr. Not sure how popular they are around these parts. Still, I like posting them, and it’s MY blog, so here we go.

Above, we have Autobots: Deploy!!! featuring Prime and Sharka for week 7. Yes, Sharka. That’s the real one, not a model. It was not an easy shot to take and it came out a bit less dramatic than I’d envisioned. Still, it works well. 18mm, f/22, bleach bypass filter in photoshop to bring out the grit.

Week 8, Untitled. Prime has a soft side, ya know?

Karaoke Night
Week 9, Karaoke Night. Prime and Megs have an interesting relationship. They constantly try to blap each other, yet go out for drinks and karaoke on a weekly basis. I donno…. This was a shot I’ve had rattling around in my brain for months. I finally built the chair and table and put everything in my lightbox for the big moment.

Sunset / Moonrise
Week 10, Sunset/Moonrise. Shot at the base of the Sandia mountains here in ABQ, 50mm f/1.2. I love that lens… almost as much as I love Prime!

Birthday toast!
Week 11, Birthday Toast!. It was my birthday. What better way to celebrate than with a few close friends? And some beer? Yes, there IS real beer in the two red cups!

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