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  • High performance anti-reflective lenses for various aftermarket gauge clusters.
  • <2% total reflectivity, ~97% light transmission.
  • Double sided AR coating. This is a chemical process, not a mechanical frosting.
  • Lenses are shatter resistant and abrasion resistant.
  • Optical quality, like high quality eyeglasses for your gauges.
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with OEM cluster. You must have one of the aftermarket clusters over your gauges for these lenses to work.
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Buy revlimiter Lenses - KG Works NA Cluster - $59 USD

All lens sizes sold out.
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No photoshop trickery. This is exactly what my camera shows, sized down and watermarked. Lights are the same on both lamps. Store - gauge glass
Two plain glass lenses, two revlimiter Lenses, and no glass over the oil gauge opening. Store - Gauge Lenses
This shows the performance quite well under the most harsh conditions. While there is some reflection, you can still see the scale and numbers on the right side gauges easily. The left side is totally blown out. Store - Performance
Graphs are awesome. Data is awesome.

revlimiter Gauges - Version Fallen
The lenses are installed in this shot and no reflection is present. I'm not using a polarizer or anything to minimize reflections, however the studio lighting conditions are ideal for the photo.

revlimiter Lenses comparison
Here's as close to a direct comparison as I can get without taking my dash apart a few times. This is the opposite of the studio shot in ideal lighting conditions.

The top shot was done driving around in the daylight. The bottom was done parked in a dark garage with the door open. The bottom garage shot is actually a lot more contrasty lighting conditions and is making the AR lenses work harder and look worse. It's the most difficult lighting I could figure out.

On the top shot, you can just barely see any detail in the tach. It's very blown out. The bottom shot shows some blowout, but you can still see details. But the interesting stuff is happening in the speedometer and oil gauge. You can see my face and the steering wheel reflected like a mirror. That's totally absent from the anti-reflective lenses. You notice this more in real life. Instead of being able to see yourself in the gauges, all you see is a shadowy outline.

Installation for KGW cluster Store - Door Straps
Remove the gauge cluster and move to a clean area. Store - gauge cluster
Remove the four corner capscrews. Mine were 2mm. Pull the metal KGW cluster away from the plastic Mazda unit. Store - lenses
Flip the cluster over and remove the jeweled indicator lights. They should be finger tight. Pliers might help. Store - lenses
Separate the front and back plates. Carefully set the stock glass to the side. Store - lenses
Flip the back plate over again. You'll place the lenses in the recessed spaces. Store - lenses
Peel the blue protective backing off both sides of the lenses and place them in the cluster. Then rebuild the cluster in the reverse order.

If you need to clean finger or glove prints off the lenses, you can use any cleaner that's safe for anti-reflective eyeglasses.

About This Item

revlimiter Lenses are made in large batches. That's the only way to make this product in an affordable manner. The lenses are usually in stock. If something is out of stock, there should be a note up top and a date when it is expected back. If there's a problem with your order, I'll contact you by email.

If you would like a single custom set of lenses cut to fit your application, please note that the cost will be very high. Possibly 5x the standard cost or higher.

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