Version: GarageStar

revlimiter Gauges - Version GarageStar
revlimiter Gauges - Version GarageStar


  • All-plastic, robot-cut gauge face set for all NA Miatas (89-97).
  • Matte finish. Black face, white text.
  • 6 o'clock tach and speedometer zero position.
  • 0-900 RPM, 0-160 MPH.
  • Redline at 7200.
  • White/clear lighting lets you change the backlight color of these gauges with a simple bulb or cover (bulb condom) change.

  • Read the NA Gauge Installation Tutorial

Order from Garage Star's website!

Day Mode

revlimiter Gauges - Version GarageStar

revlimiter Gauges - Version GarageStar

revlimiter Gauges - Version GarageStar

revlimiter Gauges - Version GarageStar

Night Mode

revlimiter Gauges - Version GarageStar
These gauges are made with white/clear lighting to let you change the color with a simple bulb or condom change. Check out the gauge backlighting photos and scroll down to the bulb cover section.

revlimiter Gauges - Version GarageStar
I used OEM bulbs without any covers for these photos. They give a warm white glow.

revlimiter Gauges - Version GarageStar

How to Order

Unlike most of the gauges on this site, the GarageStar gauges are sold by Garage Star. Go to their website and place an order with them. Chances are that you have them bookmarked already!

Garage Star's Shop.

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