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Garage5 Independent Gauge Rings + revlimiter Lenses


  • Fits NB Miatas
  • Includes anti-reflective revlimiter Lenses. You do not need to purchase them separately.
  • Machined finish.
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    Read the G5 Gauge Ring Installation Tutorial

Buy Garage5 NB Independent Gauge Rings - $239 USD

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Details Store - gauge rings
Machined finish. Extremely high precision. Store - gauge rings
Comes with what you see here - Garage5 rings and revlimiter AR lenses. You install these in your own cluster. Store - gauge rings
These rings are DEEP. The OEM NB trim ring is shown on the right. Store - gauge rings

NB Rings Installed Store - gauge rings
Again, the cluster (NB shown here) and gauge faces are not included. Store - gauge rings
Version Prototipo is shown installed on this NB cluster. Store - gauge rings Store - gauge rings
Just in case you missed the link on top of this page - check out the installation tutorial to see how to stick these beautiful rings to your own gauge cluster.

About This Item

Garage5 products are made by Garage5. LLC is the US retailer. revlimiter Lenses are made in the US from locally produced materials. This product is a collaboration between Garage5 and LLC.

Please Note:
  • While I try my hardest to photograph each gauge correctly, I can't guarantee that your computer monitor is accurately showing the actual color of each gauge. Reds and purples are particularly hard to photograph and have the added problem of becoming richer or thinner depending on the light hitting them.
  • Be aware that there may be some color differences between what you see on the screen and what your installed gauges look like.

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