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How to Transport a Hood

Sharka lets his inner ricer out.

Why is Sharka sitting without a hood? Am I letting my inner ricer out? Will 10k HIDs and large sponsor stickers be next? Click in and find out.



Spring has sprung.

Spring!!! It’s a special time for all Miata owners. The time when cars come out of hibernation. The time when snow tires can come off and tops can go down. The time when cameras come out to snap trite, heavy-handed spring imagery like you see above.

I just couldn’t help myself. It was my first top down drive in months.


Let There Be Light

More than just an old NA mirror.

You will never find more ranting and praising of a rearview mirror anywhere else on the Internet. This page cranks the Roadster insanity up to 11. For a plain-looking mirror that happens to have a couple of lights. Interested?


How to Paint Gauge Needles

Ultimate car detailing!

I receive this same question quite often, “How do I get red needles for my gauges?” And about a paragraph of text explains the process quite well. It’s really not very hard. But after typing out the same thing for the 50th time, I decided I could do better. So here ya go! How to paint gauge needles.


It IS Easy Being Green!

GT-40s in dark sea-foam.

I received a couple of orders for green gauges within a few days of each other. Kind of a strange coincidence. I get an order for green maybe once a year. Two at once? I had to take the opportunity to install each set in test clusters for some photos.


When the Clutch Goes Squishy

MMMM... Clutch juice!

Clutch maintenance time! Everything but the clutch itself. A complete Miata clutch master and slave cylinder swap lies within.


The D Word?

In my eyes, Sharka has achieved perfection.

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while. Since finishing up with the NA6 interior really. Sharka has just felt so… good. Right. Perfect. Everything is exactly how I want it.

Sharka feels done.


Packard Perfection

1949 Packard Super Eight

A small departure from the usual Miata content. This post features something a little bigger and more luxurious.


These WHEELS are HOT!

70s Celica

I have a confession to make. I’ve not played with a Hot Wheels car since I was in the single digit age range. After childhood, I just never went back to them. And, to be perfectly honest, they were never my favorite toys. That slot was reserved for my beloved Transformers.

But I think that’s because my childhood Hot Wheels never looked like THIS!


Cone Killer

Waiting to go again.

This past October, I had the chance to attend a two day autocross event. I’m embarrassed to say that it was my first time aiming my bumper at cones in about four years. That means it was my first event with a big hair drier bolted to the side of my engine. You know, the one that’s been there for over two years.

Oh well, better late than never.


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