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The 2013 Calendars

Two calendars to choose from.

I have calendars. CALENDARS! Official 2013 calendars. Perfect for any wall anywhere.


Hardtop Security Hardware Group-buy

Hardtop security hardware and little helpers.

This is a project I’ve been working on for the past two weeks. Hardtop season brings about the annual worry about keeping the top secure. This usually brings about the annual googling for security hardware. This year, I found something very interesting.

And I have enough to share with everyone!


Window Switches Are Back! (er… already sold out, sorry)

You know you want one.

After being out of stock for nearly six months, I have some Retro Window Switches back in stock. I’ve also got some strange black ones in the background.

But first, the metal ones.


Modified Door Sill Plates

About to go under the knife.

Sharka’s metal door sills are really old and crappy. When I got them, they also lacked the desirable feature known as flatness. If I remember right, they came out of a very very wrecked car for the price of shipping. I bent and beat them back into shape as well as I could. I’ve had them for about 6 years.

It was time to modify them.


NA6 Dash Finale – The Radio Post

That chrome didn't last a week before I tore it out.

Yeahh….. you know that chrome radio I installed earlier? It didn’t last long. Check out what I did in place of it.


Dead NB Speedometer Fix

Securely in the air. I love these huge tripod stands.

Driving along and the speedometer in your NB suddenly reads flat? It happened to me. The fix is a $200 sensor. Or you could save the $200 and spend 5 minutes soldering instead…


The Sharka Interior, 2012 (dash install pt2)

Sharka's interior. It's not subtle.

Continuing from my last post, here’s the full, finished interior. It’s all photos. Tons of photos. Maybe too many photos… but I couldn’t help it.


NA6 Vintage Dash Install part 1

That's gonna need to come out...

After nearly a year of back-burner-sitting, my 1600 vintage dash is finally going in Sharka. FINALLY! Check out the install. Finished pix are in the next post.


A Dozen Tiny Updates

Original buckles...

Updates. I got ‘em.

This post is a collection of updates to past posts that I’ve been meaning to do for months now. There are so many that I thought I’d make a post about it. I’m actually rather embarrassed about how many updates there are and how far back they go… the first was an update I meant to post in April.


Keep Calm and Don’t Lift

Keep Calm and Don't Lift!

More shirt designs in my tee shirt shop. Check it out!


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