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2014 Calendars Are Out!

2014 Calendars - two to choose from.

Another year, another pair of calendars! The 2013 calendars were so successful, I decided to make them for 2014 as well. I got some great submissions and am looking forward to hanging these on my wall.


Old Parts > New Parts

New/old Runabout parts.

A while back, I simplified Sharka’s bodywork. No more side stripes, no more air splitter. It felt like the right thing to do in order to move forward. Taking a step back, you know? It’s sometimes good and helps bring a fresh perspective.

And now it’s time to go forward.


Momo Prototipo Restoration

This wheel has seen a few things. As has the robot.

You didn’t expect me to live with the cracked, glossy coating on my old Prototipo steering wheel did you?


70s Prototype

Momo Prototipo

Another steering wheel for my collection. It’s an addiction.



Are you gonna go my way?

I had one more stop to make on my Breaking Bad photo tour.


Product Review – Aero Detailing Products

International Aero Products - Shine, Protect, and Immaculate

Time for another product review. This one is a bit unique. It’s not some rare Japanese car part that I acquired after months of searching or a part in my store that I’ve spent months or years developing. This time, I’m reviewing some cleaning products that a company sent to me by International Aero for the purpose of reviewing.


The Updated Door Panel Project

The old door panels.

My old quilted vinyl door panels were starting to look rather cheap to me. Meanwhile, I had about 1/3 of a hide of leather sitting in my parts shed. A plan formed…


Heisenberg’s Roadster

Walter White's Blue - accept no substitutes.

What if Walter White had a blue and white turbo Roadster?


Robot Cut

The Robots.

I’ve been asked a few times “What does robot cut mean?” in reference to my gauges. And, for the first time, I’m lifting the curtain and showing how it’s done.


Sharka Ride #1

About halfway up the mountain.

I’ve backspaced over the first sentence a dozen times. I’ve got no idea what to say that won’t sound like an insane person gushing over his car and daughter. I’m just ever so proud, you guys. EVER. SO. PROUD!

My little girl got to ride in Sharka for the first time. And SHE LOVED IT!!!


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