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The 2015 Calendar is HERE!

"Psst! Check it out. We got somethin' for ya, yo."

It’s calendar time again! The 2015 Calendar is out. Walt and Jesse demanded to help me tease it for ya. This year there were 64 entries to the calendar contest. That blew me away. I solicited four of the major boards for photos, but didn’t expect the deluge at the end. I went from […]


Black and White Challenge

Shades of grey.

There’s a thing going around Instagram right now, the Black and White Photo Challenge. I would link to the hashtag, but I have no idea how to do that with a desktop browser. Anyways, I was tagged. I thought I’d put up a quick post about it. I don’t often shoot b/w. I like playing […]


Retro HVAC Plate & Trim Ring

Awwww yeah!

I’m very proud to present my latest interior accessory: the Retro HVAC Plate. This is one I’ve been asked to do many times. Also, the trim ring is my very first machined part. I’m pretty excited. These parts are, obviously, inspired directly by the AWD HVAC panel. It’s a piece I’ve had in my collection […]


Hard Dog Harness Bar Install

HD Harness Bar

With the 10 photos in this post, I’m more than doubling all of the photos the internet has on the Hard Dog Bolt-in Harness Bar. If you’re interested in adding a harness to your HD rollbar, read on.


Parts Review – MiataRoadster Short Shift Kit

The good stuff.

A full installation and review of the MiataRoadster short shift kit. I don’t mean to spoil things, but it’s fantastic. You need one.



50,000 miles!

Sharka has 50,000 miles on the clock now. Fifty! Not bad. By most standards, the car is almost broken in.


Achievement Unlocked: No More Miata

Roadster Floormats

Sharka no longer has any trace of the word Miata inside or out.


The Japanese Phillips: JIS Screwdrivers

Ready to drive some screws.

There are tiny differences between Japanese Industrial Standard drivers and Phillips drivers. A must-read for fellow fastener geeks.


D-Technique NB Coldside Intake

The D-Techniques carbon fiber intake.

Bucky gets some JDM goodness for his engine bay – the D-Tech shorty carbon fiber intake.


Hot Wheels 2012 ROADRCR set

The goods. 2012 Canada-only HW set.

The finest group of Hot Wheels I’ve seen this year. If you’re into 1:64 scale stuff, you should not miss this set.