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949Racing XIDA Install and Review


Something that’s been on Sharka’s bucket list forever – a set of XIDAs!


Japanese Nostalgic Wheel Coasters

No good can come from these two...

A review of ONEONE2 Auto’s new Wheel Coasters. Warning: there’s toy robots.


Key to My Heart

Sharka's keys

I’ve been collecting aftermarket Miata keys for a little while now. The collection is reaching critical mass and I thought I’d take a few photos and play with my toys. Toy playtime is important you know. The first two are Royal Clover Pole Position keys. They’re the ones I’ve had the longest and the ones […]


The MiataRoadster Short Shifter Strikes Back

New Parts!

Sharka gets another MR short shifter. And a hugely heavy knob. And a vintage rubber shift boot. Perfection is achieved at the end of this blog post and it is GLORIOUS.


Blackbird Fabworx GT3 Rollbar Install

Blackbird in tha house!

Sharka gets a new rollbar from Blackbird Fabworx. Something like 30 photos lurk inside for your viewing pleasure.


Hard Dog Harness Bar Install

HD Harness Bar

With the 10 photos in this post, I’m more than doubling all of the photos the internet has on the Hard Dog Bolt-in Harness Bar. If you’re interested in adding a harness to your HD rollbar, read on.


Parts Review – MiataRoadster Short Shift Kit

The good stuff.

A full installation and review of the MiataRoadster short shift kit. I don’t mean to spoil things, but it’s fantastic. You need one.


Product Review – Aero Detailing Products

International Aero Products - Shine, Protect, and Immaculate

Time for another product review. This one is a bit unique. It’s not some rare Japanese car part that I acquired after months of searching or a part in my store that I’ve spent months or years developing. This time, I’m reviewing some cleaning products that a company sent to me by International Aero for the purpose of reviewing.


A Dozen Tiny Updates

Original buckles...

Updates. I got ’em.

This post is a collection of updates to past posts that I’ve been meaning to do for months now. There are so many that I thought I’d make a post about it. I’m actually rather embarrassed about how many updates there are and how far back they go… the first was an update I meant to post in April.


Just look at this keychain.

Just look at it.

Just look at it.


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