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These Boots Were Made For Drivin’

Redline Goods shift boot and loose-fit brake boot

Sharka has worn leather shift and brake boots since the early days. I bought his original leather goods from PBC (Performance Buyer’s Club) back in 2000. Those two little leather pieces have been in constant use ever since.

That’s a long time for a leather shift boot to last.


Retro HVAC Panel – Final Version

The final version! Only 14 prototypes to get this far.

I’m finally done with the HVAC panel! WOO!


Retro HVAC Panel Preview

Retro HVAC Panel - version... 9?

I wanted to share something that I’ve been working on for a while. And by a while I mean I have about 60 hours in this project so far. I think I have about another 10 before I have a final version.

This is my Retro HVAC Panel!


More Vent Rings

Gloss Black vs. Art Deco

More vent ring styles! Art Deco and gloss black powdercoat.


Vintage Side Stripes

Thoroughly Modern

New vintage rocker stripes for Sharka and a whole vinyl install how-to.


Sharka’s Vent Rings For Sale

Sharka's Vent Rings

I have another cool item in my store. The same vent rings Sharka has worn since I bought him back in 2000. Not replicas or recreations. The Same Ones. Produced by the same shop.


Big Rig

Rig shot, front angle - Photo by Lunchbox PhotoWorks

I met up with my buddy Josh of Lunchbox PhotoWorks the other day to take some car photos. But not just any car photos. Rig photos.


NB Gauge Face How-To

The uber UBER NB gauge install how-to.

After I posted my NA gauge face install, I got a few requests for an NB version. And I wanted to do one of these anyway before I started selling NB gauges in my store.


I proudly present the NB Miata Gauge Face Install


Japanese Quilted Goodness

Nakamae quilted transmission tunnel cover.

Nakamae They’ve made high end Eunos Roadster interior parts for longer than I’ve been involved in the hobby. And that’s kind of a long time! I’ve lusted after their stuff since the first day I saw it, but the opportunity to buy any of their fine products never arose.

Until now.


New Gauge Face How-To

My uber gauge install DIY

Just a quick blog post to point you to the thing that has taken up most of my Saturday – the NA Miata Gauge Face Install.


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