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Previous Owner WTF-ery

What sins lurk in the dark?

What sins have previous owners committed on the poor Stormtrooper?


Bras Are the Devil, Mkay?

Doesn't look evil, does it?

When I bought the Stormtrooper, I noticed the little hood bra. Not bad, right? That’s what I told myself anyway. It wasn’t a full bra. Just the hood. And not that much dirt gets trapped on the hood right? right? Yuck. Seriously, can we all just agree globally to abolish car bras? They’re the devil. […]


The First Stormtrooper Mods

Goodbye Altezza lights.

The Stormtrooper gets some early mods and loses the sad 90s tail lights.


Introducing the Stormtrooper

A selection of Mazdas.

A new car for the revlimiter herd! It was about time I got an NC.


Retro Shift Plates

revlimiter Retro Shift Plates

Here’s a tiny project I’ve been working on for a few months – retro shift plates! I’ve long admired the ARC metal shift plates and wanted to do something of my own. I finally got all of the pieces of the puzzle together and have these in my store. It’s more than just a little […]


New Paint for the Family Car

That'll buff right out.

A parking lot crash led to a full respray of Blue Car, my 2008 Mazda3 hatch. Two weeks of work condensed into one blog post.


The Chrome Watanabe Horn Button Is LEGIT!

My Falcon's original horn button.

My chrome Watanabe horn button is legit. This post contains proof images.


Learning how to do videos

The first Sharka in-car video.

The first in-car footage of Sharka driving around and a plea for some video editing advice.


Bikini Top End Caps

Yeah... I've been driving around like that.

This is one part of the bikini top that I’ve never taken pix of. And in… what, 5 years? I’ve never fixed it. I am ashamed. When you cut off the end off the soft top, you’re left with this jagged metal edge. There’s nothing to cover it. No caps or anything. Actually… I think […]


Footwell Subwoofer Install

Bass for a tiny car.

Here’s something I’ve not had in decades and never in a Miata – bass. Some of my past cars had stereo systems. But since buying Sharka in 2000 I’ve been in tiny speaker land. Tiny speaker land really isn’t so bad. One day I was kicking back, browsing forums, and I came across an ad […]