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Elise Seat Grommet Install

This seat has seen things. It's about to see more.

Another post on Elise seats? Yeah. They just keep coming.


ABS Radiator Shroud / Undertray

Taken apart again.

Sharka is complete and back home! I wasted no time tearing body panels off again and doing a new project.


One Car Garage, part 2

One happy Bucky

Bucky gets some attention and modification.


15 Minute Mod: Non-slip Pedals

So shiny. So slippery.

Metal pedals get slippery when wet. Who knew? A quicky mod with some skateboard grip tape solves that problem.


Bucky gets a new nose badge

Old badge about to go bye-bye.

An afternoon worth of work got me some fresh vinyl on Bucky’s nose and no more factory Winged-M badge. But that leaves a whole front panel without a decoration. What to do…


Miata Oil Gauge – Real vs Fake

ONE of these is the gauge you're looking for.

Here’s a quick post showing the differences between the two NA Miata oil gauges. As you may know, the 89-94 cars got working oil gauges that actually report oil pressure. The 95-97s got dummy gauges that only show “some” pressure when the sensor reads anything above 7 psi. This is not new information, but I […]


Momo Prototipo Restoration

This wheel has seen a few things. As has the robot.

You didn’t expect me to live with the cracked, glossy coating on my old Prototipo steering wheel did you?


The Updated Door Panel Project

The old door panels.

My old quilted vinyl door panels were starting to look rather cheap to me. Meanwhile, I had about 1/3 of a hide of leather sitting in my parts shed. A plan formed…


How to Paint Gauge Needles

Ultimate car detailing!

I receive this same question quite often, “How do I get red needles for my gauges?” And about a paragraph of text explains the process quite well. It’s really not very hard. But after typing out the same thing for the 50th time, I decided I could do better. So here ya go! How to paint gauge needles.


The Sharka Interior, 2012 (dash install pt2)

Sharka's interior. It's not subtle.

Continuing from my last post, here’s the full, finished interior. It’s all photos. Tons of photos. Maybe too many photos… but I couldn’t help it.


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